Getting inspired by your children

Beautiful moments in life, YES, yesterday was one such day for me. As you look at your children you know that you try to provide the right tools, space, and advice so that they are prepared for life. I know that throughout the years things have not been easy for my daughter, Samantha, but yesterday she absolutely went into beast-mode and gave a stellar speech about what inspires her: helping others find their passion.

I witnessed my daughter slaughter a live motivational presentation as part of a class assignment to a large group of her high school peers, which she then made into another episode on her podcast. So while I’ve heard her speak publicly at our Temple about her high school study abroad experience in Israel, as well as an incredible speech about domestic abuse at an interfaith service, yesterday was off-the-chain!

Sammi presented why she does what she does, created an insane presentation, was engaging, and delivered what could easily be a top paying motivational speech for students. A speech which definitely had an impact on the students and teachers that attended with their class and folks that were there to support her. The first half was a back story on how she got started and then she slid right into recording a live podcast, which you can hear here or watch her here.

She was so well prepared, incredibly well spoken, funny, and shared insights that clearly moved the crowd. She leveraged a little bit of mindfulness and provided a truly inspiring speech. In September she continues her journey with a double major in Modern Jewish Studies and Communications at San Diego State University and we are so proud of where she’s been and what she has been able to accomplish. Oh, did I forget to mention that she’s only 17 years old!

Please help me in supporting her podcast: Fashion Your Passion, her educational efforts, and in congratulating her on an incredible start to what will be an exciting career and life.

Sammi, we love you so much and are beaming with pride and you inspire us to better versions of ourselves!!!! Thank you!

Follow her journey here: WebsiteTwitterInstagram, or LinkedIn