Consultant – Senior Developer/Senior Project Manager – PepsiCo

Consultant – Senior Developer/Senior Project Manager – PepsiCo

Was brought in to manage the rollout and development updates of a newly created marketing intelligence system to support multi-million-dollar business development initiatives and within days was assigned and successfully delivered on the company’s largest data warehousing and reporting project for Walmart and Sam’s. I also managed the updates to the customized marketing intelligence system and rewrote the Tricon (Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut) equipment order system. Created workflow recommendations, schedules, budget estimates, as well as functional requirements and detailed documentation. Worked with management to forecast annual budgets and led external vendor interviews and on boarding to new projects. Managed requirements and provided technical guidance for over 30 employees and consultants.

eMusic Source Code, API, and Tools Website

Director of Client Engineering –

eMusic, a music subscription startup, was the first digital retailer to sell DRM-free downloadable audiobooks in the MP3 format. eMusic’s store has more than 12 million tracks supporting 50M users and 800k daily downloads. Joined this start up to rebuild their customer tools to integrate and download the eMusic catalog and then moved into managing the developer integration with custom API interfaces.  I was a hands-on developer and managed all aspects of cross-platform (Microsoft, Mac, Linux) desktop software design, programming, and implementation from initial design concept and budgeting to final delivery and upgrades for this leading internet music provider.  After creating two versions of the desktop software I moved to coordinating external developer REST API interfaces, creating and managing documentation, and was instrumental in assisting business development and developer relations.  Oversaw teams of multi-discipline professionals in technical support, product release, customer service, internal database/desktop coding, and ongoing feedback.

CTO/Director of Technology – GO! Productions/ C2 Creative

GO! and C2 Creative are Omnicom digital media/events agencies focusing on strategic communications hyper-focused on experience design.  They shape perceptions, memories, and desires to create transformative business value for our clients. They develop smart content and strategies to bring out the best in experiential programs and portfolios. Was hired to work with the business development team to provide budgeting, sales support, hands-on development, and technical oversight of several major client including mobile applications, digital installations, and interactive web deliverables.  Working with the design and business development team we pitched, architected and managed several marketing, contest, social media and event specific digital RFP solutions for varying clients including T-Mobile, Mercedes- Benz, Bank of America, Lowe’s, Sharp, Thomson Reuters, Outdoor Channel, Daiichi Sankyo, Cigna, FISERV, and Digital Globe.  In doing so I managed budgets, requirements, and technical guidance for over 100 employees and vendors.

Co-Founder/CIO – General Knot

General Knot & Co. ties, bowties and men’s furnishings handmade in the United States in limited run, vintage, and other fabrics.

MiMedia Personal Cloud Redesign and Replatform Homepage

Senior IT Director of Product Development –

MiMedia is a personal cloud startup. It’s the digital home your memories deserve, finally. All the photos, videos, music and files you care most about in one awesome spot – safe, organized and accessible always on all devices. Led the Product and Technical Development efforts for this media-based startup.  I worked with the core leadership team managing acquisitions, development, support, and UX/UI efforts to revamped web presence and mobile product offering.  Provided C-Suite guidance with regards to reducing marketing, development and management costs.  Provided DevOps and Scrum Product Owner expertise, vision, and mentoring in collecting management requirements, customer feedback, industry best practices, and user experience enhancements establishing and leveraging Agile and DevOps methodologies. Managed budgets, requirements, and technical guidance for over 40 employees and vendors.

Vice President of IT, eCommerce Systems – Cenveo

Cenveo (NASDAQ: CVO) is a world leader in the management and distribution of print and related offerings. A $3 billion company with a long history of delivering print, packaging, labels and envelopes for B2B and B2C clients. The company encompasses 30 facilities across the U.S., as well as manufacturing operations in Asia, South America and Central America. I was brought on to provide full digital transformation guidance to build out the eCommerce and content management systems. After a brief assessment I had developed a multiyear strategy to rebuild all existing development processes, create a services layer, and consolidate decades of disparaging technology integrations inherited from years of mergers. I developed a “Cloud-First” strategy with the objective of architecting advanced systems to leverage pure cloud services, focusing on tenets such as high availability/fault tolerance, enhanced performance, cost optimization, and serverless design. Established Agile, TDD, BDD, and DevOps best practices. Built the first ever Cloud and DevOps focused team in Cenveo, consisting of cloud engineers, system administrators, automation engineers, and application administrators/SMEs.

Vice President, IT Client Program Leader – PayPal/eBay – Synchrony

Hired to rebuild and expand the PayPal and eBay relationship and portfolio by leveraging my eCommerce, digital integration, SaaS, and payment gateway experience. I was successful in teaming up the Synchrony teams to restructure the program delivery pipeline and gained the trust of senior PayPal leadership which eventually lead to extending and increasing technical integration. As the program lead, I was able to manage five product releases in 18 months, a full year ahead of schedule. We were able to build up the existing portfolio by 33% to $4B, while supporting the $7.6B PayPal Credit portfolio RFP win, with a combined 12M active customers, and then landing a new direct eBay contract. I had directly managed two IT project managers, collaborated with business, credit, and marketing teams as well as managed over 60 resources across enterprise IT teams for baseline and CAPEX projects budgets up to $6M per year, coordinating with multiple Agile, QA, Cloud, enterprise platform, and networking teams.

Founder – Elite Technical Concierge

Fractional CIO and Security Services for Enterprise, SMB, Boards, & Startups.  Leverage over 25+ years of experience across Financial Services, CPG, Manufacturing, Startups, and Media Agencies to help you build a culture that delivers.

Head of IT & Security – Getaround

Tasked with IT and security operations, M&A integration of Drivy (France) and Nabobil (Norway), revamping five independent development platform pillars. Support over 5M users and 20k connected cars, more than 700 workers/contractors, two BPOs, and independent contractors in Canada, Mexico, Madagascar, and the Philippines.  Established compliance and security programs to meet SOX, SOC 2, TISAX, ISO 27001, NIST, and CIS requirements implementing MDM, MDR, CDR, EDR/XDR, SIEM/SOAR within 90 days

Vice President, IT Enterprise Credit Initiatives Program Manager – Synchrony

After successfully managing the PayPal and eBay portfolio I was promoted to lead several Enterprise Credit Transformation Initiatives with Account Management Fraud and Credit systems, Authentication-as-a-Service (AaaS), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In short term we delivered on top corporate initiatives with a focus on key ROI metrics to increase sales, collections, and decrease fraud. I managed cross-functional teams to run Scaled Agile (SAFe) Program Increments, waterfall projects, and several technical workouts as well as architect enterprise solutions and deliver consistent value on a quarterly basis.

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