Pace University Cybersecurity Certification Program – Advisory Board Member

Partnership with Cyber Intelligence 4U, Pace University is offering professional certification programs in Cybersecurity.

HMG Strategy – Advisory Board Member

HMG Strategy is the world’s leading digital platform for connecting technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the business world. Our regional and virtual CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Series, authored books, and Digital Resource Center deliver unique, peer-driven research from CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and technology executives on leadership, innovation, transformation, and career ascent. The HMG Strategy global network consists of over 400,000 senior IT executives, industry experts and world-class thought leaders.

Tech Impact – Advisory Board Member

A nonprofit on a mission to use technology to better serve the world.

Internet Retailer’s B2B eCommerce Marketer of the Year for Lightning Label

Patent #10,257,301 – Systems and methods providing a drive interface for content delivery

Systems and methods which provide a drive interface for delivery of various content to consumers of the content are described. Embodiments provide access to content shared by a content provider using an interface emulating a disk drive local to the consumer. In operation the user accesses content shared by a content provider using a drive interface content delivery platform of embodiments herein as if the user were accessing content on a local drive. The drive interface of embodiments is branded in correspondence to the content or content provider. Drive interface content delivery platforms of embodiments employ a “push” type content delivery technique whereby content is actively delivered to the consumers under the control or at the initiation of the content provider. Embodiments may additionally provide push delivery of content through web based interfaces and application interfaces.

Patent #9,465,521 – Event based media interface

Systems and methods which provide an event based media interface operable to organize digital media content for presentation to a user based upon predefined events are shown. A user may define an event epoch, such as may comprise an event designator, temporal criteria, location criteria, content criteria, etc., whereby digital media content associated with the event epoch is organized into an event collection. Various aspects of the event collection, such as relative event significance level, sharing scope, contributor group, etc., may be used to facilitate control with respect to the event collections of event epochs of embodiments herein. The event content of event collections herein may comprise digital photographs, videos, sound files, documents, etc., alone or in combination. An event gallery may be utilized to provide a user interface in which event content of one or more event collection is presented.

Patent #9,298,758 – Systems and methods providing media-to-media connection

Systems and methods which provide direct connections between digital media content are shown. Embodiments provide media-to-media (MTM) connections which directly and autonomously couple digital media content files. The MTM connections of embodiments facilitate enhanced digital media content use, such as to provide simultaneous presentation, coping, and/or manipulation of multiple digital media content files which are connected when a user accesses one such digital media content file. MTM connections provided according to embodiments of the invention may be one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and many-to-one as well as unidirectional or bidirectional.

Patent #9,183,232 – Systems and methods for organizing content using content organization rules and robust content information

Systems and methods which provide organization of content using robust content information to enable presenting content to a user organized in a highly relevant way are disclosed. According to embodiments, a user does not control the organization of the particular content (although the user may establish some level of preferences), but rather content organization rules may be autonomously applied through analysis of robust content information and provide content organized in a thematic organizational structure which is highly relevant to the user. Such content organization rules may identify content connection points which are not readily apparent, but which nevertheless provide a collection of content which is relevant. Such content organization rules may operate to provide organization of content related through a thematic thread, such as may comprise a temporal aspect, a geographic aspect, a subject matter aspect, a content file aspect, a setting aspect, a general aspect, and/or the like.

Software Engineer Lead –

Joined the startup as a consultant the week they IPO’ed and shortly afterward converted to a full-time position.  I was able to successfully analyze, enhance, maintain, and monitor three of four critical business systems and successfully ensured full Y2K cutover.  Conducted technical interviews, training, and provided project guidance for over 40 employee and consultant resources.

Hacking Firefox Book Cover

Hacking Firefox by Mel Reyes – Wiley

They dreamed of a better browser . . . and before you could say “explore no more,” Firefox was born. But already you want more. Tighter security, greater functionality. A custom installation for Linux. Maybe even that unique extension you’ve always dreamed of creating. Well, if you want to tweak the Fox, here are over 400 pages of ways to do it. From hacking profile settings to cracking links and cleaning out the cookie jar, this is the stuff that puts you in control.

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